Coffee Machine Buying Guide

A coffee machine is a wonderful addition to any kitchen – especially for anyone whose mug of joe is a great mug of joe. Look through our large range of coffee machines; perhaps you’ll find the perfect one for your kitchen.


Should I get a built-in or free-standing coffee maker?
This comes down to space. If you have plenty of space, but little worktop space, then a built-in coffee machine is definitely the right call. However, if you have a smaller kitchen, it might not be clear where you could fit in a built-in coffee maker. Finding a spot on your worktop makes the most sense in this instance. It’s worth noting that the built-in range of coffee makers here at mychoice are our higher-spec models.


Are the coffee makers easy to use?
Yes. All of our coffee makers are easy to use. While some coffee makers use a percolating system, or a filter for coffee grounds, our coffee makers have an even more convenient system: coffee capsules. All you do is insert the capsules and select your preferences from the easy-to-use digital display.


Are they difficult to clean?
No. Where percolators, standard espresso machines or filter coffee makers can leave you with the messy, time-consuming task of cleaning out the grounds from the machine, our coffee makers have a container at the bottom that collects all of the waste, allowing you to just tip it into the bin and give it a rinse.


How many cups of coffee can the coffee machines make before they need to be refilled with coffee grounds and water?
This depends on the machine. The smaller models from our range can make about 0.65 litres of coffee at a time—which equates to about three cups of coffee. The mid-range makers produce 1 litre of coffee before they need to be refilled, so you can get about six cups of coffee out of them. The top-end machines have 1.8L+ tanks.


Can the machines make lattes and cappuccinos?
Yes. All of them can. However, if you’d like the best results, the top-end models in our coffee machine range have steam nozzles just like the machines used by professional baristas. Steam nozzles will allow you to experiment with hot milk (for lattes) and hot foam (for cappuccinos).