Glossary: Fridge Freezers

Fridge Freezer Glossary

Adjustable Shelves
The internal shelves inside the fridge freezer can be moved up and down to accommodate larger or awkward items. Gives you the flexibility to have the inside of your appliance exactly how you want it.

An inbuilt temperature alarm sounds (and sometimes a light flashes) if the freezer temperature rises above a preset safe level. You are then able to take corrective measures to prevent food spoilage.

Anti Bacterial Protection
This helps prevent bacterial growth and is found on the walls and door of some fridges. This makes it more hygienic and keeps the food fresher for longer.

Auto Defrost
An inbuilt temperature alarm sounds (and sometimes a light flashes) if the freezer temperature rises above a preset safe level. You are then able to take corrective measures to prevent food spoilage.

Special storage bins which have larger storage areas, designed to keep meat, vegetables and fruits at a suitable temperature level.

Bottle Grip
Bottle grips are present in almost all the fridge freezers and prevent the risk of bottles falling and smashing.

Built-In (or Integrated)
Means your machine is built-in or integrated into a specific kitchen unit.

Capacity Cuft
This refers to the internal capacity of the product in cubic feet.

Cool Select Zone
Some fridges have a separate compartment that allows you to independently cool food inside it. This allows for the hygienic defrosting of meat, quick chilling of cool drinks and longer, fresher storage of fish, fruit and vegetables.

Digital Display
An easy-to-read display that shows information about temperature, programme progress, time left and a pre-set time delay. The amount of information available or displayed varies according to the model.

Energy Rating
The rating awarded to a product for its energy efficiency, A++ is currently the highest energy rating. Better for the environment and better for your energy bills.

Fast Freeze
Fast freeze is present in almost all the fridge freezers. The fast freeze helps in the rapid cooling of the food, this rapid cooling and heating helps in killing the harmful bacteria.

The front of the appliance is visible and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, either underneath a work surface or stood independently.

Frost Free
Cold air is circulated throughout the freezer maintaining an even temperature and preventing the build up of frost.

Holiday Setting
Holiday setting is an important setting available in the fridge freezers which allows the fridge freezers to maintain a steady temperature and cope with the changing external temperature.

Home Bar
A small door in the front of some side-by-side fridge freezers which allows easy access to bottles without opening the fridge door.

Ice Dispenser
Ice makers are generally the ice dispensers which are available in a special compartment in the fridge freezers. These are capable of providing chilled water, crushed cubes and ice cubes on demand. These ice dispensers are not present in all the fridge freezers.

A type of machine designed to be hidden from view behind your kitchen cupboards to maintain a seamless overall design in your kitchen.

Interior Light
A light which switches on when the refrigerator door is opened. Allowing you to see more easily inside the appliance when looking for your chilled items.

Noise Level (dB)
The noise level in the fridge freezers indicates that how loud the appliance is. Since the fridge freezers performs whole day the noise levels are generally low. This is measured in decibels (db).

Open Door Alert
If you accidentally leave the door of the fridge freezer open an alert will sound to let you know you have left the appliance open. Vital for making sure you don’t ruin foods stored in the appliance.

Reversible Door
A reversible door is the one that can be mounted on either side, opening from right or left.

Safety Glass Shelves
These shelves are made with spill-proof safety glass. The surface is easy to clean and reduces the chance of tipping. It also prevents spillage from dripping onto the next shelf.

Super Cool
This is a function which helps to reduce the temperature of a particular food without affecting the temperature of other foods.

Super Fast Freeze
A super fast freezing feature allows food to be frozen quicker, preserving natural goodness and not letting foods thaw prematurely.

Temperature Warning Light
Alerts you if the internal temperature can no longer be maintained.

Twin Thermostats/Twin Cooling
Some fridges only have one thermostat for controlling the temperature of both the fridge and freezer. Twin thermostats allow you to control the temperature of the fridge and freezer separately. It ensures no mixing of odours and helps retain humidity to prevent food in the fridge from drying out.

Water Dispenser
A handy extra which allows cool water to flow from the appliance, cool and refreshing.