Glossary: Hobs

Hob Glossary



Built-In (or Integrated)
means your machine is built-in or integrated into a specific kitchen unit.

these refer to the plates on a hob. Most have four burners - 1 large, 2 medium and 1 smaller one for simmering. Some cookers may have up to 8 burners, including a wok burner.

Ceramic Hob
a plate of ceramic glass covers the electric element allowing the hob to heat up quickly. A ceramic hob is easy to keep clean.

Control Location
where the controls will be situated, either on the front or sides of the hobs.

Control Type
the buttons which are used to control the hob, including knob and touch options.

this is the Council for Registered Gas Installers, the regulatory body for gas engineers.

Corgi Registered Engineer
this is a professional accredited gas fitter required to fit any gas appliance.

Digital Display
an easy-to-read display that shows information about temperature, programme progress, time left and a pre-set time delay. The amount of information available or displayed varies according to the model.

a fuel type that delivers quick, precise and constant results.

an electrician may be required for your installation. Fully qualified technicians will be able to deal with your electric mains when connecting your cooker/Hob.

Energy Rating
this refers to the amount of energy the appliance consumes. Appliances are rated for energy, with ratings between A (the most efficient) and C (the least efficient).

Fast Heat
this is a function that will speed up the rate at which your hob achieves your desired heat setting.

Flame Failure Safety Device (FSD)
a device required by law to be fitted to gas appliances in multi-dwelling properties such as flats, rented property and in all cases in the Republic of Ireland. The device cuts off the gas supply immediately if it senses the flame has been extinguished.

Fully Programmable Timer
giving you the ability to start and end your cooking time as and when you require on the range cooker by presetting this useful feature.

a fuel type famed for its responsive nature, particularly when used for hobs. Gas as a fuel source in ovens also helps maintain the moisture of food. Gas is available in two forms: Natural Gas (piped) and LPG (bottled). Please make sure you choose the correct type of cooker for your gas type.

this is a removable grooved cooking platform for your hob that allows you to sear meat and vegetables for a chargrilled finish.

a heating element type found in hobs. It is the nearest in control to gas and gives constant heat levels.

Hard Wiring
most cooking appliances require hard wiring into the mains electricity supply as opposed to a plug and socket. You’ll need a fully qualified electrician to do this for you.

Induction Hob
an effective heating element found in hobs. They give instant, precise and even heat. They are easier to control than gas and cheaper to run than other electric hobs. You can only cook with iron cookware because they work by creating a magnetic field, causing the iron to heat.

Induction Pans
a pan specifically used on an induction hob which generates heat at the bottom of the pan from the magnetic current given from the hob.

Knob Control
this is a control type that is used to operate the functions of an appliance by both pressing and turning.

LED Auto Programmer/Clock
a 24 hour clock that allows start and end cook times to be set.

Liquid-Petroleum-Gas is a type of bottled portable gas which is used where a piped supply is not available. 

LPG Convertible
most gas appliances can only be connected to natural gas. Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) kits are available with some appliances allowing them to convert from natural gas to LPG 

Minute Minder
a popular type of timer that’s set for the length of cooking time you need. When it’s finished, an alarm goes off.

Natural Gas
natural Gas is a piped supply of gas which is primarily available in larger urban areas.

Number of Burner/Zone Sizes
this is how many heating elements are on the hob. The more burner/zones you have the more freedom and space you will have when cooking.

Pan Support Type
supports keep pots and pans secure during cooking, available in different finishes cast iron or enamelled.

Programmable Timer
this feature gives you the flexibility to start and end your cooking by pre-setting your requirements.

Push Button
this is a control type that requires buttons to be pressed to function.

Residual Heat Indicator
on an electric cooker this illuminated indicator shows when the hob is in use, warning you when the surface is hot. Until the surface is cool enough to touch the lights will stay on.

Solid Plate Hob
this type of hob has solid plates that cover the halogen cooking zones. It is durable and offers excellent value.

Touch Control
this is a sleek control type for hobs which is both stylish and easy to keep clean.

Warming Zone
keep the plates or dishes warm on the warming zo