Glossary: Kettles

Kettles Glossary

360 Degree Connector Base
Allows the kettle to be replaced on its base at any angle.

Boil Dry Protection
This automatically turns the kettle off if it doesn't contain enough water.

The maximum volume of liquid that the model can hold.

Cool Touch Walls
Some kettles have an insulated body so that the outside remains cool enough to touch even when the water inside is boiling.

Cordless Kettle
For ease of use, this type of kettle comes with no cord, allowing total freedom of use.

Eliminates scale collection around the element, which will increase it's life.

Illuminated Water Gauge
Allows easy viewing of the water level in the Kettle.

Keep Warm
This facility keeps the water in the kettle warm after you've boiled it so the kettle can re-boil more quickly.

Limescale Filter
Prevents limescale deposits ending up in your drink. Very useful in areas which have hard water.

Power Rating
The power of a kettle ranges from about 2.2kW to 3kW – higher wattage kettles are more powerful and so boil faster.

Quiet Boil
Feature that some kettles have, where the boiling process is far quieter than a standard model.

Safety Locking Lid
Extra safety, particularly if you have children.

Soft Touch Handle
A soft rubberised area on the handle can make it more comfortable to grip and lift.

Variable Temperature
Some kettles let you alter the temperature the water is heated to.

Water Filter
Some models have a built-in water filter to save having a separate water filter jug which you use to fill your kettle.

Water Level Gauge
All kettles have a water level gauge, with a recommended minimum amount of water for boiling.

Wide Spout
Opening the lid of your kettle isn’t exactly hard labour, but it takes even less effort to fill the kettle through a generously proportioned spout.