Glossary: Toasters

Toaster Glossary

Automatic Pop-Up
Your toast automatically pops-up when cooked at the setting selected.

Bagel Setting
Bagel settings are increasingly common and brown just the cut side of the bagel.

Bun Warmer
Toasters might come with a bun warmer, either as a separate rack that clips on top or a pop-up version that rises out of the toaster with a flick of a lever.

Countdown Feature
Countdown features help you judge the amount of time left until your toast is ready.

Crumb Trays
Crumb trays make it easier to clean your toaster and most simply slide out and slot back in again.

Defrost settings aim to take the guess work out of toasting frozen bread, defrosting it first, then switching to the toasting cycle so you don't have to change the browning settings.

Extra Lift
Most toasters have an extra lift facility which makes it easier to remove small items like crumpets by raising the bread carriage.

Four Slice Toasters
These are particularly good for families or people who often cook large breakfasts for many people, as you can brown up to 4 slices of toast at the same time.

Number of Settings
The number of heat/cooking settings the toaster has.

Toasters that have this feature allow you to use the cancel button to let the toast pop up so you can see how brown it is.

Many toasters have a reheat feature, which is handy if your toast pops up before your beans are ready!

Slot Size
Some toasters have slots that are long and deep enough to accommodate large slices of bread, and a big heating element to ensure that both the top and bottom of each slice gets browned.

Toasting Indicator Light
Allows you to monitor the progress of your toast.

Two Slice Toasters
These are the most popular type of toaster, usually with two toasting chambers side-by-side. They tend to be quite compact, but toasting a lot of bread can take a long time.

Warming Rack
Keeps your Toast or Croissants warm once cooked

The higher the wattage, the more powerful the appliance.