Glossary: Washer Dryers

Washer/Dryer Glossary


Airing Program
A 20-minute cool tumble to refresh the load.


Anti Crease Programme
Allows the washing machine/washer dryer to continue spinning after the cycle to allow the washing to move and untangle which will reduce creasing and speed up your ironing time.


Audible End of Programme
When the washing machine/washer dryer has finished the cycle it will make a sound to alert you that your wash load is finished and ready to be emptied.


Automatic load adjustment
Works out how dirty the load is, even reducing or increasing the amount of water, detergent or rinses needed.


Built-In (or Integrated)
Means your washing machine/washer dryer is built-in or integrated into a specific kitchen unit.


Child Safety Lock
This feature means that the machine will not be able to be opened by children when the machine is in use or when the lock is enabled.


Condenser Dryers
Condenser dryers don’t need a hose or a vent. Instead, they collect the moisture in a water reservoir that can be emptied after each drying cycle.


Daily Wash Programme
A quick programme for lightly soiled garments.


Delicate Wash
A programme which is designed to be gentle with your clothing, taking great care of your garments and giving you piece of mind.


Delay Timer
A handy feature that allows you to delay the start time of your appliance’s programme. This allows you to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates.


Digital Display
An easy-to-read display that shows information about temperature, programme progress, time left and a pre-set time delay. The amount of information available or displayed varies according to the model.


Drum Capacity
The greater a drum’s capacity, the more washing you can do at one time.


Easy Iron Programme
A short cool tumble programme, which helps to relax the fibres of any dry, creased garments and make it easier to iron.


Economy Setting
This setting automatically reduces the washing temperature but still maintains the length of the washing cycle.


Electronic Programme Selector
You can select your programme and start washing with just the touch of a button, instead of using dials.


Energy Consumption
How much energy is used by the machine during a wash cycle.


Energy Rating
The rating awarded to a washing machine/washer dryer for its energy efficiency, A++ is currently the highest energy rating for a washing machine. Better for the environment and better for your energy bills.


Extra Rinse
An extra rinse programme for large wash loads. Great for those with sensitive skin.


Front Loading
This type of washing machine/washer dryer is the most popular; it loads from the front of the appliance.


The front of the appliance is visible and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, either underneath a work surface or stood independently.


Fuzzy Logic Control
An intelligent technology which measures how much dirt is in the load and alters the use of detergent, water and energy used during the cycle to guarantee the best possible results.


Half Load Function
Uses less water and energy than setting your machine to a full load. Ideal if you want to wash a smaller number of items.


Hand Wash
Clothing with a hand wash label can be washed safely on this cycle, extremely gentle on your clothing taking hassle away from hand washing your garments.


A type of machine designed to be hidden from view behind your kitchen cupboards to maintain a seamless overall design in your kitchen


Intensive Wash
A more thorough wash which is ideal for heavily soiled clothing.


Long Spin
Useful for washing cotton clothes that require a more demanding spin. More water is drained during a long spin and that means less drying time.


Memory Function
A feature which remembers your favourite programmes making it quicker for you when doing the laundry.


Noise Level (dB)
A lower noise level on your washing machine/washer dryer will mean that a cycle will be less intrusive and noisy in your kitchen.


Number of Programmes
The amount of wash options which are available on the washing machine/washer dryer.


Overflow Protection
A system to protect against any leaks or overflows.


Pre Wash
For items which are more heavily soiled, a pre wash feature makes sure that your clothing will come out clean after a main cycle.


Programme End Indicator
Informs you of how long the programme has left to run.


Quick Wash
Fast wash ideal for washing clothes when you are in hurry or refreshing clothes.


Reduced Crease Option
A ‘reduced crease’ option lowers the spin speed to 800rpm so that washing comes out with fewer creases.


Reverse Action
A type of drum that will turn in both directions for a deeper clean, it will also help prevent your laundry from tangling and creasing as much.


Rinse Hold
This helps to reduce cleaning and odours during the cycle by the clothes remaining in the water from the final rinse until there is a convenient time for you to select a spin programme to complete the washing machine cycle.


Semi-Integrated Washer Dryer
This is a washer dryer type that has the benefits of both free-standing and integrated. Here the control panel is visible and accessible but the rest of the appliance is hidden behind a kitchen cupboard.


Silk Wash
This programme makes sure your silk items are correctly cared for. The spin cycle is gentle with your clothing and takes the hassle out of washing by hand.


Spin Performance
Spin performance is measured on a scale from ‘A’ to ‘G’ with A rated machines removing the most water during the spin cycle.


Spin Speed (RPM)
This is the speed in which the washing machine/washer dryer will spin during the cycle. The larger the spin speed, the more water will be drained during a cycle. Spin speeds are measured in revolutions per minute (RPM).


Super Silent
A specialised induction motor and acoustic-absorbing material that dramatically reduces noise levels during the wash and spin cycles.


Super/Extra Rinse
A function for when you need additional rinse for loads which require more attention.


Timer Delay
Allows you to delay the start of the wash or dry programme for up to 24 hours.


Time to End of Programme
Shows how much time is left until the end of the wash programme. It also shows the progress of the wash cycle.


Variable Spin
The spin speed of the machine can be adjusted to suit different fabrics.


Variable Temperature
You can select a lower temperature for a lightly soiled load e.g. reducing easy care fabrics from a 60º to a 40º wash. The length of the wash cycle stays the same. It won’t let you do this the other way round, so you can’t select too high a temperature by mistake.


Wash Load (KG)
The amount of laundry which can be washed during one cycle. A washing machine/washer dryer with a larger wash load can reduce creasing. This is shown in KG (Kilo Gram).


Wash Performance
This is the rating which is given to a washing machine/washer dryer to determine how well it cleans during a wash cycle - measured A-G, with a rating giving the best wash performance.


Water Consumption
The amount of water which is used during the washing machine/washer dryer cycle. This is measured in litres.


Wide Opening Door
A wide door opening allows you to more easily load and unload your laundry, especially handy for bulkier items. A really convenient washing machine/washer dryer feature when washing towels, duvets etc.


Wool Programme
This programme gives an extra gentle wash and low-spin speeds ensure that wool items get the same personal touch as a hand-wash.