Glossary: Cooker Hoods

Cooker Hood Glossary




Canopy Cooker Hood
This is a type of Cooker Hood that is installed behind a fixed cupboard panel.



Carbon Filter
A higher quality filter for Cooker Hoods that is particularly useful for removing odours from the air.




Charcoal Filters
These filters need to be replaced every year, depending on how much you use your cooker.




Chimney Cooker Hood
This is a type of Cooker Hood that descends down a wall. A stylish feature.




Control Type
The buttons which are used to control the cooker hood, including knob and touch options.


The unit of measurement used when measuring the noise of your appliance, abbreviated dB.


Ducting Kit
A kit used to extract the odours, grease and steam from the Cooker Hood to the outside wall.




External Ducting Kit
A tube for unclean air and greases to be transported outside keeping your kitchen air cleaner and removing unwanted greases.




Extraction Rate
The measurement of air extraction that a Cooker Hood is capable of achieving in meters square a minute.



External Ventilation
Takes any unclean air out of the kitchen and outside through a ducting kit, keeping the air inside your kitchen free of unwanted smells and grease.





Grease Filter
A type of filter used to capture grease when a Cooker Hood is used to reticulate air.




Halogen Lights
These bright lights shine onto your hob, so you can see more clearly what you are doing while preparing your meals.


Height Adjustable
This is a cooker hood that can be adjusted in height to suit your needs. This is particularly relevant to chimney and island hoods.





A type of machine designed to be hidden from view behind your kitchen cupboards to maintain a seamless overall design in your kitchen.



Island Cooker Hood
This is a type of cooker hood that is usually installed in the centre of a kitchen and descends from the ceiling. With a stylish range or cooker it can form part of an impressive feature in your kitchen.


Number of Lights
This is how many lights are on your cooker hood, a greater number of lights may mean more visibility while cooking your food.



Number of Speeds
The greater the number of speeds the more options you will have to decide which extraction level you want to use on your cooker hood.


Push Button
This is a control type that requires buttons to be pressed to function.




This is a cooker hood operation that cleans air through filtration before reintroducing it into the kitchen.







Slider Controls
Simply slide the control to activate the cooker hood and it will begin to extract.


Separate plates of metal that fit between the hob and cooker hood, designed to catch grease or cooking splashes.



Touch Control
This is a sleek control type for hoods which is both stylish and easy to keep clean.


Venting Type
The type of ventilation which will be used by the cooker hood.


Visor Cooker Hood
This is a type of cooker hood that mounts neatly onto the cupboards above your cooking point.

Washable Filters
This is a higher quality, reusable filter that can be used in your cooker hood.