Appliance Glossary's

At mychoice, we believe in making your buying experience as simple as possible! Buying appliances can be confusing and in order to help make your buying decision, mychoice have put together detailed, easy to understand Product Glossary's! We know that appliance terminology can be daunting and confusing, which is why we have explained everything in simple easy to understand language, perfectly designed, to help you make the right choice when buying your appliance!

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Glossary Links - Household Appliances


Glossary - Cookers

Glossary - Cooker Hoods

Glossary - Dishwashers

Glossary - Freezers

Glossary - Fridge Freezers

Glossary - Hobs

Glossary - Microwaves

Glossary - Ovens

Glossary - Range Cookers

Glossary - Refrigerators

Glossary - Tumble Dryers

Glossary - Vacuum Cleaners

Glossary - Washer Dryers

Glossary - Washing Machines


Small Domestic Appliances

Glossary - Irons

Glossary - Kettles

Glossary - Toaster