Irons Buying Guide

Irons are a purely practical appliance. Few could make a case for an attractive iron. They should make ironing as easy and perhaps even pleasurable as possible. Look through our range of irons to find the perfect appliance for your needs.


What does the steam function in an iron do? Steam helps moisten and warm the fabric, relaxing it a little and making it easier to flat the creases. A steam iron is quicker than a dry iron.


What are steam generator irons and how do they help? Steam generators are separate tanks of water that provide irons with a stronger supply of steam than a standard steam iron. These are perfect for absolute perfectionists, as the addition steam power makes even the most difficult wrinkled denim an absolute doddle. At mychoice we have a few steam generator irons, such as:

The Bosch TDS2229GB AllStar Steam Generator

The Bosch TDS2561GB Steam Generator

The Bosch TDS3521GB Steam Generator Iron Sensixx B35L


Does the material the iron plate is made of matter? Yes, the material has a big effect. The material used for the basic irons is aluminium, but it can sometimes become sticky over time. The higher range iron materials are stainless steel and ceramic plates. These materials also spread the heat out more evenly across the plat.