Kettles Buying Guide

As your kettle will most likely sit out on your worktop for everyone to see, it is important to select a kettle that coheres with your kitchen’s style and colour scheme. But a kettle is also a very heavily used appliance, so it’s important to understand your kettle’s specifications. Look through our range of kettles to find the right model for you.

Cord or Cordless Kettles? Most kettles are cordless. The dock is corded and connected to the wall, but you kettle may be lifted off the dock and moved freely. This is so convenient that there is nothing to be said in favour of corded kettles. Most cordless kettles also swivel around on the dock, allowing right or left-handed people to place and remove the kettle on the side that they prefer.

How powerful does a kettle need to be? All of the kettles in mychoice’s range are 3000W and they are energy efficient. 3000W is very powerful and will ensure that the water boils very fast. Just remember to not boil more water than you need: it will take longer to boil and you will waste electricity.

What material should a kettle be made of? There are two factors that need to be weighed up here: the weight of the material and the look of the material. Metal kettles are considered more modern and stylish, but they are heavier than plastic kettles. Just remember that you aren’t just lifting the kettle, but also its fill of water as well.

What volume/capacity is ideal for a kettle? This is dependent on the size of your family and how much water you often need to boil in one go. If you often make large rounds of tea or require a lot of boiling water, then ensure you select a kettle with a 1.7 litre capacity, at the upper end of the range. Our range is between 1.5 (average) and 1.7 (large). A full 1.7 litre kettle will produce about 5-7 average cups of tea or coffee. One last warning: be mindful when boiling water by ensuring you do not boil more water than you need. This way, you save money and the planet!

Should I buy a kettle with a limescale filter? Yes. We’d always advise to get a kettle with a limescale filter. These filters filter the water for limescale and other foreign particles. Ultimately, this makes for a better brew. All of the kettles in our range contain either a removable or built-in limescale filter.

- A very special kettle: if you make a lot of tea for yourself and you are keen to cut down on energy wastage, then we have a special Hotpoint kettle that is designed to heat up a small amount of water as efficiently as possible. It heats up 250ml of water in forty-five seconds – providing you with the perfect cup of tea.