Microwaves Buying Guide

Microwaves aren’t always the most attractive feature of a kitchen, mainly because they are pretty big and take up a sizable amount of space on the counter—unless you opt for a built-in microwave. The following microwave buying guide will hopefully let arrive at an informed decision about which microwave to get for your kitchen. You may also like to look at our microwave collection.


What size microwave should I buy? The size of your microwave should be dictated by the kinds of things you heat-up or cook in it. Generally, the larger your family or household, the larger your microwave should be. At mychoice, our microwaves range from smallest (w:28cm  h:37cm  d:47cm  or  23 litres) to largest (w:60cm  h:46cm  d:57cm  or 44 litres) If you’d like a family-sized microwave, look to buy a model over 26 litres. A really large microwave will even allow you to heat up two or more bowls at once. However, if you do not have enough space in your kitchen, then mychoice have an excellent tip that allows you to get the most out of your smaller model: 

Place one bowl on top of a mug so that it takes up the space above the other bowl.

- How powerful should my microwave be? The microwaves here at mychoice are between 800W and 1000W. The higher the wattage, the faster your food heats up. The faster your food heats up, the more convenient your microwave is. We’d advise you to get as fast a microwave as you are willing to pay for.

- Should my microwave be built in or freestanding? This is completely dependent upon your kitchen space. If you are low on counter space, then perhaps getting a built-in microwave is the best call. Otherwise, freestanding microwaves are easier and cheaper, as they do not require any installation—you simple set them on the counter and plug them in. Built-in models look more elegant and are less common, but they tend to cost more. So it’s a matter of budget.

- Should I also get a microwave with a grill function? Many microwaves have a duel function: they have a grill as well as a microwave feature. This can be a convenient backup grill, perfect when your grill or oven is being used already. It’s always better to have more options, and this grill is very hand when you are cooking a lot of food at once.

- Should I get a microwave with a combination grill and convection feature? A combination microwave has a convection oven, grill and combination feature. The combination feature allows you to combine the microwave function with the grill or convection oven. This can allow you to cook things very quickly. It’s the perfect way to cooking a perfect jacket potato as quickly as possible!

- What kinds of special features are available?

Chaos defrost defrosts the food in pulses, which breaks down ice crystals more quickly, speeding up the defrost time.

Easy-clean linings allow you to clean the interior more easily.

Turbo reheat is exactly what it sounds like. It’s perfect when you need results fast.

Multiple-sequence cooking allows you to set the settings to change automatically. This is perfect if you’d like to set the temperature to automatically go up after the defrosting process has finished. This is nuanced, effortless microwave cooking.