Toasters Buying Guide

As your toaster will sit out on your work top, you will want to ensure that its style and colour matches your kitchen’s aesthetic. Otherwise, toasters are one of the most frequently used appliances in a household, so ensuring your toaster meets your household’s needs makes a lot of sense. Look through our entire range of toasters to find the perfect match for your household’s needs.

What size toaster should I get? Toasters come in all kinds of sizes, and they are usually distinguished by the number of slots they have

The two-slot toaster is the standard and it allows you to produce two pieces of toast at a time. This is probably fine for one or two normal people who eat a normal amount of toast. It is not enough for the toast fanatics!

The four-slot toaster is ideal for bigger households, or for the true toast fanatics! Toasting four slices of bread at a time, you get twice as much done in the same amount of time. Some people even have toasters with six slots, but they’re only really necessary for massive families.

- Do all toasters have a defrost setting? No. Not all toasters have a defrost setting; thus it can be difficult to fully defrost a slice of bread without burning it. Only the high-end toasters have a defrost setting. A defrost setting is perfect when your  bread is beginning to get stale, as you can just pop it into the freezer and take it out as and when you need it. All of the toasters at mychoice have a defrost setting.

- Are some toasters easier to clean than others? Yes. Over time, little crumbs break off the bread and collect at the bottom of the toaster. We recommend that you purchase a toaster with a removable bottom that slides out. This way, you can tip the crumbs into the bin, give the bottom a wipe, then pop it back underneath the toaster.

- How many heat settings should my toaster have? This obviously changes from toaster to toaster, but a good toaster will have a range of temperature selections and perhaps even a warming rack so that you can keep toast warm as you toast more.

- How do I avoid burning my fingers when I remove my toast? A high-lift handle will allow you to remove the freshly toasted bread without burning your fingers.