Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

As few people enjoy vacuuming the house, the main objective behind choosing a vacuum cleaning is find one that makes this job as easy and fast as possible. Look through our vacuum cleaner range to see if any match your cleaning requirements.


Why should I buy an upright vacuum cleaner? You should buy an upright vacuum cleaner if your house is made up mainly of large, flat, carpeted floors. You can usually get more leverage with an upright vacuum and they have brushes to comb through the carpets fibres, pulling up hidden dust and debris. They also often have large dust reservoirs, ideal for large houses. An upright vacuum is not for you and your house if you have a lot of obstacles and stairs to traverse. For that, you’ll need something lighter and with a more dynamic range of motion.

Why should I buy a cylinder vacuum cleaner? You should buy a cylinder vacuum cleaner if your house is smaller or you have many obstacles and steps to traverse, as the range of motion is sharper and they are lighter and easier to wiggle around tricky spots. Cylinder vacuums tend to have smaller dust reservoirs, so they aren’t ideal for a large house, as you will have to regularly empty the bag. mychoice however, has many larger cylinder vacuums—giving you the best of both models.

Does the power of the vacuum cleaner matter? Yes, the power of the vacuum cleaner affects its suction. However, all of the vacuum cleaners in mychoice’s range are more than powerful enough to handle any normal domestic surface.

Why should I get a bag vacuum cleaner? You should get a bag vacuum cleaner if you or anyone in your household has asthma or any other respiratory illness. This is because bagged vacuum cleaners prevent exposure to dust when emptying the vacuum. They are also very low maintenance, as most do not require you to clean the filters. They can be problematical, however, as suction diminishes as the bag fills, and it is hard to determine with the bag is full. It is also not as environmentally friendly the bag is discarded instead of recycled.

Why should I get a bagless vacuum cleaner?  They are more environmentally friendly. You do not need to buy bags, so it is more convenient. You can see into the dust reservoir and see when you need to empty it. The disadvantages are threefold: 1) they require regular cleaning/maintenance. 2) They expose the user to dust when they are emptying the bin. 3) They are usually more expensive.

- I have asthma, are there special vacuum cleaners that can help? Yes, some vacuum cleaners have special air filters that ensure as much dust is captured as possible. The Pure Clean Hepa Filter in some of our vacuum cleaners is designed to catch 99.95% of dust!