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 *In some cases you may have register your product to validate a warranty. Please read the instructions delivered with your product carefully. This is your responsibility and mychoice will not be held liable.


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An item bought for £600.00 covered with an extended 4 year guarantee is repaired in year 2 of the policy at a cost of £150.00 goes faulty again in year 3 of the policy and is beyond economical repair. In this instance would the policy value cover a replacement appliance or would the customer only receive the balance (ie £450.00)?

In these circumstances the customer would receive a new appliance up to the value of the original, the cost of any repairs is not deducted from the final settlement.


Under the claim limit section of the terms and conditions it states that the service agreement provides unlimited claims up to the original purchase price of the product in aggregate. Does this mean that if total cost of repairs exceeds value of product the customer must pay an excess to have the repair completed?

If the cost of repair for an item exceeds the appliance purchase price, then the option to replace the unit for the customer may be used. The customer is not expected to pay an excess.


Under what is not covered, it states that the item is covered only if used by the policy holder. Does this exclude members of the same household?

The policy does not exclude members of the same household using the product.


Under section 4 of the General Conditions it states that if the cost of the claim exceeds the cover provided by the service agreement, the end user will be required to pay any additional costs. Under our existing policies a replacement set of the same specification would be offered instead of a repair being undertaken and the policy is then expired. Would this be the case for this policy?

Yes a replacement unit would be offered in this instance.


If a replacement unit is supplied to the customer, would this new unit be supplied by the same retailer that sold the end user the policy?

The value of the replacement unit would be calculated and if the unit could be supplied by the retailer for this price then yes.


Settlement valuation. Is this a depreciated value, and if so what is the scale of depreciation value, or does the customer get a like for like exchange?

The customer would be offered a replacement unit of at least the same specification as the original